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אני מעבירה הרצאות, סדנאות ו"הרצדנאות" בארגונים
(לעובדים או ללקוחות)
כמו גם לקבוצות בהתארגנות פרטית (מועדוני נשים, עמותות, קניונים וכו').
כולן מלוות בדוגמאות רבות וסיפורים אישיים
ומועברות בשפה ברורה להבנה המותאמת לקהל הרחב

Lectures and Workshops

Lectures are a wonderful tool for expanding knowledge, introducing new ideas into our minds, and for starting to think about areas in our lives which we’d like to improve.
In workshops, we are able to put the knowledge into practice, and to start “feeling it”. Implementation within the framework of a workshop is obviously only the first step. True, deep implementation in the field of financial management is best achieved by working one on one, in personal consultations. And that’s the truth!
debbie katzav is lectureing
In lectures and workshops, one gets to meet the lecturer/teacher in a face to face situation and to examine whether s/he is the person we’d be happy to learn from and to accompany us in our own personal challenge (from my experience, it's very difficult to feel these just from watching online videos featuring lecturers).
In my lectures and workshops, I reveal essential, little-known financial and/or personal information management tips and fill the audience with motivation to move from knowing to doing.
If you’d like to invite me to run a workshop and/or give a lecture - simply contact me.

As the name implies, this is a hybrid between a lecture and workshop. It usually consists of 2 meetings, 2 hours each, a week apart, for a group of up to 15 participants. The split into 2 sessions heightens the effectiveness as well as the practicalness of the sessions, as there is a chance to practice.


I run workshops for private organizations which understand how critical financial management is, thus wish to give real and practical value to their employees/clients. Each workshop is tailored to the specific audience. I aim to take the participants through a powerful experience, both during sessions and between sessions (yes, I give homework!).


You can invite me to give a one-off lecture, tailored to the audience, to your particular needs and to the time frame available.

Examples of lectures and lec-shops

Dream fulfillment via Financial planning  

חלומות 2_edited.png

Who doesn’t like gifts??


Financial management for small businesses: small steps - a huge gain


“Mommy - buy this for me!!” - let’s put a stop to this

אייקונים לדבי2_edited.png

Financial management for young families

אייקונים לדבי2_edited.png

Financial management for young adults/discharged soldiers


Female power in financial management



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