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Personal Information Management

File & Find Me is a service which creates order, clarity and systems in all your personal information.


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I'm certain that you've found yourself many times overwhelmed by the huge amounts of important personal information in your life:

  • your finances - bank accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, investments 

  • your health - test results, medical summaries & expenses

  • your employment -  salary slips, contracts, recommendation letters, resumes)

  • household bills and subscriptions

  • passwords

  • children and education - reports, grades, assignments, extra murals, hobbies

  • photos & videos

  • important documents - wills, passports, birth certificates etc

  • contacts' details

  • Nostalgia - memorabilia, trips, holidays

Most people keep this info in disarray scattered between their email, on their smartphone , in various apps, in computer files, and/or in hard copy. A lot of it gets discarded either by mistake or because we think we will remember it (we don't).

As a personal financial consultant, each consultation begins with organizing the clients' financial info. After they experience the advantages of the new order and management systems in their finances, many of my clients ask me to help them instill systems which suit them, for managing the rest of their personal information (and if they are self-employed – also for the info pertaining to their business).


Until now, I’ve done these only as part of financial consultation processes.

Now I’m offering this as a stand alone service.

"File & Find Me" personal hands-on meetings are designed to bring PIM into your life & make managing your information simpler. I also offer lectures on this subject, and coming soon - a workshop.

If you feel an itch to start managing your personal info – I’m your go-to person.

Let's "File & Find Me" together. 
Let’s talk.

File & Find Me
It’s more than Order.
It’s more than Organization.

It’s Management.

Personal Meetings


  • Choose 1 or more of these 6 subjects (you can choose not to do all 6, you can just  choose the subject/s which you want to learn/improve);

  • Contact me to set a short phone meeting and to get a proposal;

  • Then we'll set a date for our meeting.

  1. Storage & backup: review current situation, suggest improvements, set up the chosen system
    Tools we'll use: Dropbox/GoogleOne/OneDrive/iCloud
    Platforms: computer, web, mobile
    No. of hours (estimate): 2

  2. Folders Design: draw-up the design, start building it & moving files into the folders, instruction on how to continue this, folder viewing.
    Tools we'll use: Windows Explorer
    No. of hours (estimate): 2

  3. What info to keep, what not & why; Where and how to file; File naming & searching; scanning; Moving data from phone to computer.
    Tools we'll use: Windows Explorer, File Manager/My Files, Physical Files, Google Photos, Scanner
    Platforms: computer, web, mobile
    No. of hours (estimate): 3

  4. Apps/Programs/Sites for upping your PIM - hands on tips & demo - BASIC
    Tools we'll use: WhatsApp, Digital Calendar, Gallery, Contacts, Gmail

    Platforms: computer, web, mobile
    No. of hours (estimate): 3

  5. Apps/Programs/Sites for upping your PIM - hands on tips & demo - ADVANCED
    Tools we'll use: Google Keep, ToDoist, Evernote, SapSap
    Platforms: computer, web, mobile
    No. of hours (estimate): 2

  6. Management of info re specific subjects (finances, photos & videos, health, kids, special events, important documents, recipes etc)
    Tools we'll use: Excel, Windows Explorer, Toshl, Erasable notebook, Physical files

    Platforms: computer, mobile
    No. of hours (estimate): depends on topic, 2 hrs minimum

  • The length of each meeting is an estimate as some people may require longer in order to understand and apply the systems and tools needed.

  • The tools named here are examples. We may use different ones and not all of them.

Outputs of File & Find Me meetings with me

  • An organized (and backed up) computer

  • A streamlined smartphone

  • Papers and documents filed in order

  • A written list of all the systems that I recommended for you to manage your info, to  be able to maintain it by yourself

How do we work together?

  • Zoom meetings

  • In my office (with your laptop)

  • At your place (with your PC) if you live in my vicinity (Hod Hasharon/ Kfar Saba/Raanana) without extra cost


Benefits from the File & Find Me meetings

  • End to the feeling of suffocation created by the accumulation of duplicate pages·        

          and computer files

  • Great efficiency & time saving by retrieving information quickly, right when needed    (I teach lots of tricks re Gmail, WhatsApp and other smartphone apps)

  • Money saving

  • Extending the life of your computer and phone

  • Ability to make important decisions based on organized information

  • Less “where the heck did I store that” frustration

  • Peace of mind

File & Find Me
It’s more than Order.
It’s more than Organization.

It’s Management.

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