CFO Services

Financial management services which let you, the small business entrepreneur, focus your time  on getting on with the business side, while knowing that its financial aspects are being taken care of.


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Why do you need me?

Most often, your accountant/tax consultant analyses your business only from the viewpoint of the authorities - income tax, VAT, national insurance (some do more, but they are the exception).

I perform monthly trackings and do analyzes re the on-going financial management of the business – go through the bank account/s, credit cards, cash, invoices and receipts – and from all of these I build a clear picture of the true bottom line of your business.

3 suitable paths

Doing the tracking & analysis
Doing the tracking & analysis
instead of you

I do the monthly analysis and tracking work that all business owners simply MUST do (but don’t, due to lack of time or/and knowledge). I go over bank accounts, credit cards and invoices, in great detail, compare to previous periods, do various analyses etc. Out of all this work, I point out problems, opportunities, suggest fixes and sometimes even do them for you.

This service is suitable for business owners with a turnover of over 30000 NIS pm, who wish to dedicate all their work hours to the work itself and not to delving into the numbers.

Creating customized formats
Creating customized formats
for you to track & analyze effectively

This service is for business owners who don’t want to let anyone external touch their data, but understand the importance of tracking and analysis, and wish to do these themselves. Most business owners don’t have the know-how of how to build tables and electronic sheets suitable for their businesses. So instead of wasting time trying to do it, come to a 2 hour meeting and I’ll build them for you, fully customized to your needs, and guide you on how to use them. Cash flow, bank account and credit cards checking and tracking, budget preparation and tracking etc.

This service is suitable for small business owners (with a turnover of less than 30000 NIS pm), and/or for larger business who prefer to do it all themselves.

Periodic meetings
Periodic meetings
Consultation on specific issues

Sometimes, a small business owner just needs a one-off meeting with a “number crunching” professional in order to get a different perspective and guidance on a troublesome issue and get it  resolved. So - come meet me, no strings attached, and not necessarily just for Excel tables…