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Welcome – I am so happy you are here.

In my business, I have 3 specialties, each one stands on its own but they are also inter-related:
* Personal Finances Management adviser (aka Money Coach)

* Personal Information Management (PIM) coach
* Consultant to small business owners.

I guide my clients in the fascinating worlds of money and personal information management, and through these help them grow their income.

My ultimate target is to equip my clients, readers & listeners with tools and attitudes to gain control and order, fulfill aims and attain growth, as well as peace of mind.

I launched my business in 2011, after attaining a Family Finances diploma, as it became clear to me that many people were in great need of understanding their financial situation. Rapidly and through hard work I became one of Israel's leading Money Coaches. I am known here as The Budgeter (Hametaktzevet המתקצבת).
In 2021 I added to my arsenal of services a new field - coaching people to improve their personal information management (PIM), an area in which I specialize and which I love and is highly important these days of tons of digital data. It's a new area which will gain importance and visibility very quickly. My services in this field are called FILE & FIND ME.

I accompany families, individuals and small business owners towards achieving their own various business, financial and/or PIM goals, by developing tools, methods and concepts and implementing financial/information/business management in real life.

I am a regular guest on morning television talk shows as well as in radio and newspaper interviews nation-wide. This, in addition to writing my own posts and articles which are published in various media, as well as my own Podcast. I am invited to give lectures and workshops to communities, social & business groups and companies, and I also pride myself in serving as a mentor to budding entrepreneurs. 


I founded the popular "Gift-in-an-Envelope" concept & greeting cards which in itself links to preserving our environment which is something I feel strongly  about.

And not less important -  I am a mother to 2 boys who inspire me to shape a smarter money-wise and organized generation who will hopefully grow up with a more natural instinct of financial freedom, control and organizational skills.


My services range from one off meetings to weekly “running buddy” sessions, lectures and workshops. In addition to Hebrew, I work also in English and Spanish, thus I succeed in helping new as well as veteran Anglo and Spanish-speaking Olim.

My clients save a lot of money also because in our sessions I reveal to them various marketing & sales tricks and manipulations to avoid. I am closely familiar with these from my previous career in the marketing and market research field, both in Israel and South Africa.


​I possess an Honours degree in Business Science from University of Cape Town. 
​I am married and live in the Sharon area.

An area which is close to my heart and in which I am active in my spare time is Community and Social Activism: I am active in my kid's Parents Associations, was one of the leaders of the Municipal Taxes protest, I established a Business Club in my home town etc.

A few more facts & figures

about me:

Why I chose to become a Money & PIM coach? Because I . . .

  • Love order, planning & implementing &  am really good at these!

  • Enjoy helping people help themselves

  • Like numbers, organizing them and seeing beyond them

  • Seek justice (and hate it when someone tries to trick me)

  • Strive to understand the reasoning behind every habit

  • Experienced meaningful events in my own life, which all had financial ramifications (which I learned and grew from): divorce, immigration (3 times!), death of a parent early in life etc.

  • Know that I am capable of making significant and positive changes in these fields.

  • Have slightly "out of the box" opinions and ideas which I enjoy passing on.

Should you be seeking a personal Money Coach or would like to invite me to give a lecture, workshop or lec-shop (to clients, employees, friends),

contact me here or via my Facebook page.


There's also my personal blog – currently in Hebrew only

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